Specialty Roofing Repairs

“We try to make a living, not a killing!”

Specialty Roofing Repairs

Whether your roof is in need of re-flashing your chimney, replacing a leaking pipe boot, or replacing damaged or missing roof shingles, we have the skills and Myrtle Beach Roofers needed to quickly and completely solve your roofing problems. Often, the problem is not difficult or costly to repair, as long as it is dealt with quickly. Ignoring your roofing problems is almost certain to lead to higher repair costs, unnecessary worry on your part, and additional damages to your home. Contact us today and put your worries behind you!

A roof repair may cost as little as 1/20 the cost of a new roof and could extend the new roof purchase time by several years.
Most companies only want to sell you a new roof. "We are the roof repair experts".
Our customer dis-satisfaction rate is less than 1% and we do over 200 jobs a year.

Our Roof Repair Services Include:

Specialty Roofing Repairs will promptly repair or replace your damaged roof. We offer fast roof repair services and believe in customer service and quality of work.

We also offer around the clock emergency roof repair. We understand that emergencies happen in the middle of the night and we are there for you. Please give us a call today at (843) 315-8642 to learn more about our roof leak repair services.